Russell and Susan Hardwick

10 SE 125th Terrace Road

Silver Springs, FL 34488

email: rhardwick@cfl.rr.com


The prototype finished in January 2004, is the seventh model built by Hardwick Hideout. It is made entirely of aluminum except for the axles. All fasteners are stainless steel. All the hardware such as shaft tips, holdbacks, hubcaps and whip holder are made at the 'Hideout'.

This vehicle was a long time coming but we now have a nice light weight and simple cart for 12 hand ponies to 15.2 horses.  With minor adjustments this cart can also be set up for "mini's". The shafts have 6" of adjustment in length in 1 1/2" increments. This normally covers a range of about 1 to 1.5 hands.

The seat and axle adjusts independent of each other so that each customer can adjust the seat position and the balance for him or herself.  These adjustments are done by loosening and tightening bolts. A little more trouble but I feel that it is safer (and quieter) than something that slides and/or has pins.

The axles are a pair of torsion axles that with the help of the manufacturer we designed to get the best ride possible. Incorporated in the design is an adjustment in the capacity of the axle. This adjustment also changes the height of the vehicle slightly.

As with all 'Hideout' vehicles, the wheels have roller bearings. The wheels also have grease fittings so that the wheels may be greased without removing them from the axle.

If they are to be painted all the parts are sanded before welding. When all assemblies and parts are done they are sent to a powder coating shop, brought back, and the vehicle is then assembled. These vehicles can be left unpainted with the savings of the paint job. Unpainted vehicle parts and assemblies are also sanded, giving the owner the option of having the vehicle painted at a later time.

All Hardwick Hideout vehicles are cut out, machined, shaped, TIG welded, and assembled by myself and two helpers; Scott Teeter (TeeterTotter) and Charlie Ney.

Take a look at the pictures, come by, or give us a call or email.  We think we have a great, simple vehicle that you can have a lot of fun with.


Thanks for your interest in Hardwick Hideout horse drawn carriages.


Vehicle weight --------175 lbs
Price unpainted  ------ $2600
Price painted (powder coat) stock vehicle as pictured -----$3000



            Disc brakes -----$500.00