Russell and Susan Hardwick

10 SE 125th Terrace Road

Silver Springs, FL 34488

email: rhardwick@cfl.rr.com


The prototype finished in middle of 2006, is the presentation model built by Hardwick Hideout. It is made entirely of aluminum except for the axles. All fasteners are stainless steel. All the hardware such as shaft tips, hubcaps and whip holder are made at the 'Hideout'.

This is a presentation vehicle that we take a lot of pride in.  Using torsion axles on all four wheels instead of springs for a smooth ride, it is definitely one of a kind.  We have set these vehicles up for ponies and horses for singles, pairs, and even 4-in-hand.  One we even put a top on and set it up as a surry-type of vehicle.

Shafts are independent and have 6" of adjustment in length in 1 1/2: increments.  The pole is supported by a shock absorber and the end has 12" of adjustment in 3" increments.

As with all 'Hideout' vehicles, the wheels have roller bearings. The wheels also have grease fittings so that the wheels may be greased without removing them from the axle.

The standard drivers' wedge gives the customers an option of setting in the middle or on the right side.

When all assemblies and parts are done they are sent to a powder coating shop, brought back, and the vehicle is then assembled.

All Hardwick Hideout vehicles are cut out, machined, shaped, TIG welded, and assembled here at the "Hideout".

Vehicle weight ----360 lbs single horse.  Weight for ponies will vary with size.


Price painted (powder coat) stock vehicle w/shafts ------------------$6800.00


Standard Equipment:

  • Presentation type of shafts w/polished aluminum tips.
    Rear disc brakes.
    Single seat movable from side to middle and adjustable front to back.
    Single Dickey seat.



Pole Assembly -----------------------------Add $800.00
Brass Appointments----------------------Add $300.00
Two Dickey Seats for 4-in-hand ------Add $200.00
Leader Bars for 4-in-hand-------------- Add $450.00