Russell and Susan Hardwick

10 SE 125th Terrace Road

Silver Springs, FL 34488



The prototype finished in December, 1990, is the fourth model built by Hardwick Hideout. Like the three vehicles before it, it is made entirely of aluminum except for the axles and springs. All fasteners are stainless steel. All the hardware such as shaft tips, holdbacks, hubcaps and whip holder are made at the 'Hideout'.

This vehicle was built with the intention of building an affordable vehicle that is not only lightweight but durable enough for cross-country driving and be of a contemporary design that would not only be accepted in the show ring but also be pleasing to the eye. The versatility and fair price of this vehicle has made it my best seller.

Incorporating the same frame and seat this vehicle can be modified to fit ponies and up to draft size horses with minimum changes.

As with all 'Hideout' vehicles, the wheels have roller bearings. The wheels also have grease fittings so that the wheels may be greased without removing them from the axle. The vehicle sets on 300 lb. springs, which as far as 2-wheelers go, gives a very comfortable ride. The main body is of slatted construction which keeps down the weight. The shafts have 6" of adjustment in length in 1 ½" increments. A heat shrink material is added on standard shafts.

Though this vehicle can be painted, the majority of customers leave them unpainted. If a vehicle is to be painted, all the parts are sanded before welding. When all assemblies and parts are done they are sent to a powder coating shop, brought back, and the vehicle is then assembled.

All Hardwick Hideout vehicles are cut out, machined, shaped, TIG welded.


Vehicle weight ----200 lbs

Price unpainted stock vehicle ------ $3200.00

Price painted stock vehicle --------- $3600.00


Standard Equipment:

  • Appointments (Hubcaps, shaft tips, and whip holder)----Polished Aluminum



        Imitation Patten Leather Hand Sewn on Shafts ------ Add $125.00
        Polished Brass Hubcaps and Whip holder ------------- Add $300.00