Russell and Susan Hardwick

10 SE 125th Terrace Road

Silver Springs, FL 34488

email: rhardwick@cfl.rr.com


All Hardwick Hideout Horse Drawn Carriages are constructed of aluminum except for the springs, axles, and fifth-wheels. The appointments are optional brass, chrome over brass, or aluminum. This makes all the vehicles I build very low maintenance.

The fifth wheel on the 4-wheel vehicles are of a design of my own which incorporates the same tapered roller bearing that are used in the wheels.

There is no 'reach' on the 4-wheelers, thus making them truly 'cut under'.

All shafts have 6" of adjustment in length. This design helps to make the vehicles more versatile and actually stronger at the point of attachment of the shafts.

Weight in comparison to wood vehicles will in most cases be about the same for similar vehicles. The largest advantage of the aluminum is it's strength and the fact that is low maintenance. These vehicles can be left outside, thus taking up no barn space. They can be rinsed off with a water hose with no after effects.

From my experience the ride of these vehicles is as good or better than any on the market today. I have been told this by professional drivers. Not only do the vehicles have a comfortable ride, they are also designed to be very quiet.

As of mid-summer of 2002 there is only myself and two other people constructing all the parts of my vehicles. All the welding is heli-arc and all the parts are made here. We take a lot of pride in each and every part that we make. We want each new vehicle to be the best we can do.

If you decide to order a vehicle, please keep in mind that I take everyone in turn. I do request a deposit of approximately one-third the total price about 6 weeks before I start building a vehicle. I will build the type of vehicle you want and call you when it is done. Delivery lead time will vary with the amount of production. If at anytime you change your mind and do not want the vehicle, your deposit will be returned when the vehicle is sold to another party. I realize things change with time, so I never put my customers (friends I hope) under any obligation. Even if you simply do not like the vehicle after it is done. This way, neither the customer nor myself makes any enemies. My vehicles are made for PLEASURE. If you did not want the vehicle but bought it anyway, it would not be a pleasure for you to drive.

NOTE: Due to the increased costs of raw material over the past two years, Hardwick Hideout must pass along a slight price increase. Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge.

Please contact us with questions and/or concerns